Guidelines for Article Submission

We welcome papers about the clinical, social, political, and medico-legal issues affecting patients or medical students, or any other appropriate topical subject. Please note that clinical articles that aid and improve medical student knowledge will be assigned a high priority. It is essential that all articles are relevant to the medical/healthcare student audience.

  1. Word Count – between 2,000 and 3,000 words (excluding abstract, tables, references)
  2. Note that review articles may be longer (3,500-5,000 words) and commentary pieces should be shorter (max 1700 words)
  3. Referencing should be in Vancouver format. It is essential that a complete reference section is included within the article.
  4. Articles should have a clear abstract or summary
  5. No limit on color images, tables as we are predominantly an online journal


Details of Certain Submissions

Commentary Pieces

Commentaries include debate articles, long comments or personal observations on current research or trends in medicine that is likely to be of interest to Scottish Universities Medical Journal readers. Maximum 1700 words.


Research Articles

These are full-length papers (either basic science or clinical research) that address research questions with exhaustive study design and methodology. Research articles should contain the following sections: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion/Recommendations for Clinical Practice. In addition, these articles should contain include an abstract.

It is essential that all research articles are made relevant to the medical/healthcare student audience. 


Review of Basic and Clinical Topics

Reviews of basic or clinical topics must be of interest to the readership. The chosen topic is expected be mainstream and will develop knowledge of an area which will be useful for the readership. Systematic reviews are desirable. Review articles may have an increased word count of 3,500-5,000 to adequately reveiw the subject matter.


Case Reports

Case reports provide an opportunity for an author to provide information to the readership about approaches to treatment and management of a certain condition through real life experiences.

Case reports should be on a disease/pathological process that medical students should have an understanding (albeit limited) of. Case reports on very common diseases/procedures or extremely rare diseases/procedures will be rejected unless the author can demonstrate why inclusion would benefit the journal.


Student Selected Component Write-Ups

SSC Write-Ups & 4th year projects are an excellent source of material for submission. Projects should be clinically relevant to a medical student audience. Importantly, all articles must be adjusted into an appropriate journal format prior to submission.

Any articles submitted without proper adjustment into a medical/nursing journal format may well be immediately rejected.

Disease Report / Education Articles

Reviews/education articles of clinical diseases and their management is expected to be on a mainstream topic and will develop knowledge of an area which will be useful for the readership. This can review medical and surgical procedures and psychosocial patient support.


Clinical Audit

Clinical audit is now an established part of the NHS landscape and a key component of the clinical governance framework. The SUMJ welcomes clinical audits carried out by medical students. Clinical priority will be given to 'full circle' auidts (ie- evaluate the implementation of recommendations from the first audit) and therefore draw more comprehensive conclusions. In addition, the subject matter should be of clinical & medical interest to medical/healthcare students.