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Dundee University Surgical Society

The Dundee University Surgical Society (DUSS) is perhaps the best-established medical student society at the University of Dundee. With a number of events, DUSS has lead the way in being one of the most ambitious and popular student societies at Dundee, catering for students with an interest in surgery or those who just want to work on their suturing skills. The first event run each year is the Surgical Careers Fayre. Consultants from a number of surgical specialities are invited to present about life in their chosen speciality. This is usually a well-attended event and proves to be informative, year after year.

New to this academic term is the DUSS Elective Evening. 5th year students have been invited to present on their elective experiences and share their contacts to assist current 4th years who are organising their electives. This evening has been designed to complement the elective evening organised by the Medical School Committee which aims to give more official information regarding travel arrangements and insurance cover.
During lunchtimes throughout the academic year, DUSS runs a number of Suturing workshops. From beginner to advanced, we allow students the opportunity to learn the terms, instruments and techniques commonly used during suturing in a safe environment, allowing them to learn at their own pace and consolidate their learning throughout the year. This set up also allows committee members to develop their teaching skills - an essential skill for doctors. Following on from the suturing workshops, this year DUSS are plan to allow students the opportunity to practice suturing on Thiel cadavers. This exciting variation on a theme will surely be an extremely popular and interesting experience for those involved.

Following the conception of the Trauma Weekend from 2010, last year DUSS teamed up with Dundee University Emergency and Critical Care Society (DECCS) to create the ER Weekend. Both of these events were extremely popular with students and consisted of a number of lectures and practical stations led by consultants to teach students how to carry out lumbar punctures, insert chest drains and put on splints and casts to name a few. This year, this event is undergoing another transformation to become an even more practical weekend focusing on surgical skills, with a social event planned for the Saturday night. We hope that this will make the weekend event appeal to a new audience and further increase interest in surgery at the University of Dundee.

DUSS is an innovative society and are always trying to develop new, exciting events to increase students at the University of Dundee’s interest in surgery as well as encouraging those already interested to improve their surgical skills. We collaborate with the Royal College of Surgeons as well as with other Dundee societies to create events combining learning opportunities with fun and networking.

Always passionate about surgery - the DUSS Team


Dundee Orthopaedic Society

Dundee Orthopaedic Society has recently been formed by a group of enthusiastic undergraduate medical students who are passionate about Orthopaedic surgery. In November 2011 ‘An Introduction to Orthopaedics’ was organised by Dundee Orthopaedic Society with the aim of introducing students to the career pathway and daily life of an Orthopaedic surgeon. Alongside orthopaedic surgery, the evening also covered careers in sports medicine and gave an insight into possible electives thanks to one of our members who spoke about his overseas elective experience in Orthopaedic and Trauma surgery.

Dundee Orthopaedic Society has good connections with the Orthopaedic surgeons based in NHS Tayside and the academic staff based in Tayside Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Technology (TORT) Centre. We can help direct students who require supervisors for SSCs, 4th year projects, audits and even electives to the right people.

Over the coming academic year Dundee Orthopaedic Society hopes to organise a number of events including fracture management workshops, orthopaedic lecture series and muskuloskeletal revision sessions for students in all years. We aim to work alongside the musculoskeletal block to help supplement the teaching during 2nd year. Students will receive high quality teaching and real hand-on experiences as we have a number of orthopaedic consultants and registrars that have kindly agreed to help out at these events. If we are lucky, students might be able to get the chance to use some orthopaedic instruments such as hand drills, chisels, mallets and prosthesis.

So stay tuned and check your Dundee email regularly! Alternatively, search ‘Dundee Orthopaedic Society’ on Facebook!

Prepared by,
Jun Wei Lim
Secretary 2011/2012

Teddy Bear Hospital (Dundee)

A public health project aimed at 3-7 year old children to allow them to start thinking about their health and learn about what happens in a hospital. Teddy Bear Hospital is run by medical students who enjoy working with children and want to help them have some fun while learning about healthcare.

The aim is to help reduce the fear that many young children have about visiting the doctors or the hospital and to start thinking about how they can look after themselves and deal with emergencies.
Student volunteers become teddy bear doctors and run the stations on the day. We are starting this year with training sessions to give students advice on working with children and for the first time dental and primary education students will be taking part too. We are planning a busy year of afternoon sessions with school pupils in Ninewells Hospital and evening visits to groups like Rainbows in the local area.

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Dundee Emergency and Critical Care Society (DECCS)

Dundee Emergency and Critical Care Society was created to provide its members with focused teaching and information about the specialties included in emergency and critical care medicine.
While we can’t promise you the adrenaline rush of 20 cardiac arrests per episode of ER or chests being opened up on a daily occurrence, we can offer you the opportunities to get a better understanding and learn some skills in the fields of anaesthetics, emergency medicine, intensive care medicine, military medicine and expedition medicine.

DECCS prides it's self on a busy calender, with events to suit all interests and stages of learning. In 2011, we ran various ABCDE evenings, our 'Mass Disaster Day', our Military Medicine Day and some key lectures including talks by cardiologists, acute medicine physicians, anaesthetics and A+E. As a result of our efforts we were awarded an award for 'Innovation in Medical Teaching' by the FaME committee. In 2012, we have increased our Ward Simulation exercises and are aiming to complete a 6 lunchtime lecture series bases on careers in the acute specialties, we have also had an oncological emergencies evening and are in the stage of planning further special interest days.

We’re committed to providing high quality education in a fun and friendly environment. So if you are interested, join the society and we will strive to get you the experience and knowledge that you crave in these exciting specialties

Please visit our blog and facebook pages to find more information or to feedback to us.