8th September - NEW COMMIITTEE MEMBERS for year 2014/2015

Editor: Caitlin Collins

Deputy Editor: Jamie Leask

IT Manager: Avanus Hong

Production Manager: Edwin Tan

Head Reviewers: Edward Doyle & Rebecca Grant

Features Commissioners:
Nursing and Allied Health Features Commissioner:  Michelle Brown
Medical Features Commissioner: Francesca Mastaglio

Treasurer/Sponsorship Representatives:
David Kelly
Kate Millar

PR Representative: Wasyla Ibrahaim

General SUMJ Reviewers:
Kirsten McDonald
Sylvia Okwemba
Gareth May
Michael Lumsden
Subbramanian Sp Palaniappan



The Scottish Universities Medical Journal (SUMJ) is recruiting a new committee for the 2014/15 academic year. The SUMJ is a journal publishing healthcare student and clinicians’ work and helping students develop skills in medical publication and journalism.

All committee positions are open to dental, medical, or nursing students and qualified clinical staff. There is a short description of each of the roles in this email for your information.

This year we have produced three issues, including a special issue on the challenges facing clinical and scientific research and on the issue of Scottish Independence.

To apply just email with positions you would be interested in doing (ordered in your preference) and a few words about why you would be good in the role. We anticipate to do any voting online in the coming weeks.

Best wishes
2013/14 SUMJ Committee

Scottish Universities Medical Journal 2013/14 Committee Positions:
The editor is held accountable for delegating tasks to staff members, supporting other team members when they encounter difficulties, and ensuring that all other SUMJ work is completed on time. The editor ultimately decides whether a submitted manuscript will be published in the journal based on reviewer comments and proof reads all final article prior to publication. The editor will arrange committee meetings and follow-up on action points at meetings.

Deputy Editor:
The deputy editor is expected to help the Editor in editing, reviewing and writing content for publication. They will help to improve the organization and flow of content, help to ensure that there are no grammatical, punctuation, spelling errors in content that is being made ready for publication. They verify dates and facts and make sure that the content is accurate. This person will have more direct contact with the editor than other committee members to ensure that each issue is produced to a high standard.

The deputy editor will be responsible for writing minutes of meetings.

IT Manager:
This person will be in charge of the SUMJ website alongside Twitter and Facebook profiles keeping students up to date with the goings on of the SUMJ. This person will also be in charge of uploading articles to indexing websites.

Head Reviewer:
This person will arrange the review process of articles. This will involve selecting student reviewers and expert reviewers for submitted articles and following these up in the event of a delay. They will also contact results of the review process to individual authors.

Production Manager: Edwin Tan (University of Edinburgh)

Features Commissioner:
This person will be in charge of arranging feature articles for both print editions but also electronic only articles to keep the journal active between print issues. This will involve coming up with ideas for articles, arranging an expert or student to write the article, reviewing the article and following this up if there are delays. In addition, this post will involve arranging some education sessions at Ninewells. Last year this was two sessions on how to review articles (qualitative and quantitative).

Treasurer/Sponsorship Rep:
This position will involve keeping on top of the SUMJ finances and any issues with the bank account. They will arrange any payment that the SUMJ makes and will be in charge of collecting orders for the journal. In addition, this person will lease closely with companies that sponsor the SUMJ to ensure that we are meeting our sponsor requirements. They will regularly feedback to the committee about the financial balance.

PR Representative:
This person is in charge of the overall impression of the SUMJ and should be seeking to improve this over the upcoming year. This will involve arranging a stall at the Freshers Fayre, emailing the student body about events arranged by the SUMJ, networking (the link between the College of Medicine for example) and arranging the continuation of the 'Article of the Year' award. This year it will be important to develop the national presence of the journal by linking with other medical schools.

General SUMJ Reviewer:
This is a position ideal for students with less time who are still interested in becoming involved in the SUMJ. Each student will generally commit to review 2 articles every few months. There is no limit on how many students can be SUMJ reviewers as we need a good number to ensure a timely review process.

1st May

Check out the new issues of the Scottish Universities Medical Journal.

21st October 2013

2012 Scottish Universities Medical Journal Article of the Year Winner

The award was given to Rachael Allan (Foundation Doctor, NHS Glasgow) for a paper published in her 5th year of medical school at the University of Dundee:

The Accuracy of Fine Needle Aspiration at Identifying Thyroid Malignancy in Tayside

Supplemental Diagram

16th October 2013

The second issue of the 2013 Scottish Universities Medical Journal has been published.

In this Scottish Universities Medical Journal issue we are delighted to publish articles including Consultant written articles 'Transient loss of consciousness - first ever seizure? Tips for the Acute Receiving Unit', Approaching Geriatric Patients: The Frequent Fallers and 'Common Mental health Disorders in Primary Care'.

8th October 2013

A new electronically published article has been published.

Lowe G (2013). Dundee's Hospitals Through The Ages. Scottish Universities Medical Journal. 2:04

23rd September 2013

The first issue of the 2013 Scottish Universities Medical Journal has been published.

In this Scottish Universities Medical Journal issue we are delighted to publish work of healthcare students across the UK who discuss different approaches to improving healthcare delivery in the current political and social environment.

20th September 2013

Two new electronically published articles have been published.

Ackland CY & Reilly LS  (2013). NHS Research Ethics for Medical Students/Novice Researchers  – what you should consider when developing your project. Scottish Universities Medical Journal. 2:03  

Stark P (2013). The Art of Portfolios. Scottish Universities Medical Journal. 2:02

2nd August 2013

A new electronically published article has been published :)

Hughes LD (2013). The Curious Concept of Ageing. Scottish Universities Medical Journal. 2:01

11th December: Dundee Model For Suicide Prevention Training Showcased

Following our recent commentary piece on depression and suicide we thought we would mention some good work going in this area on at Dundee:

Iliyan Stefanov, Student Support Worker and Joan Muszynski, Peer Connections Co-ordinator & Advice Team from the University's Student Services recently showcased the work on suicide prevention training within University of Dundee over the past 7 years. Joan and Iliyan’s work to build a sustainable programme that now attracts regular partnership funding from the local Choose Life initiative was highlighted as part of the Choose Life National Forum for Suicide Prevention held in Dundee on 26th September 2012. Speakers at this event included the Scottish Minister for Public Health Michael Matheson. NUS Scotland also launched their initiative “Think Positive” which is backed by Choose Life. This initiative will draw on the Dundee model of suicide prevention training developed by Joan and Iliyan as a means of helping other universities to follow our lead.

Information about Suicide Prevention Training offered by the University can be found at:

17th November - Up and coming events

Dundee Clinical Academic Track Annual Lecture

Friday 7th December 2012

Students are invited to attend the Dundee Clinical Academic Track Annual Lecture by Professor Sadaf Farooqi, University of Cambridge entitled 'Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Human Obesity'. 

The event takes place at 1.00pm Frday 7th December 2012 in Lecture Thatre 1, Ninewells Hospital.

Professor Sadaf Farooqi is Professor of Metabolism and Medicine at the University of Cambridge.  She identified the first single gene defect to cause human obesity in patients with a mutation in the leptin gene and described their dramatic response to leptin therapy, establishing leptin’s role in the regulation of eating behaviour, puberty and immune function (Nature, 1997; NEJM 1999; Science 2007).  

For more information please click here.


Academy of Medical Sciences Outreach and Mentoring Day

Monday 17th December 2012

This programme will run from 11.30am to 17.30pm in the Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee.


• Professor Andrew Morris FRSE FMedSci, Chief Scientist for Scotland and Dean of Medicine, University of Dundee
• Professor Bill Reid, Dean of Postgraduate Medicine, South East Region, NHS Education for Scotland
• Professor John Iredale FRSE FMedSci, Professor of Medicine, University of Edinburgh
• Professor Alan Fairlamb CBE FRSE FMedSci, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Dundee

Sessions will include:

• The benefits of mentoring
• Successful funding applications and interviews
• Building effective collaborations
• Research opportunities in Scotland

How to register interest

Please contact the Academy’s Programme Officer, Colby Benari, at or 020 3176 2160.

For more information and a full timetable of the days events and lectures go to the Dundee Clinical Academic Track website.


3rd September - Read the New Issue!

The SUMJ issue 2 is available to download in its entirity or on its own!


19th August- Letters to the Editor & Personal Views Section

We have just started a new SUMJ section - Letters to the Editor and Personal Views section. For further information follow the link below:-


27th July Medical Finals PasTest Book Review

The SUMJ Dundee Editor in Chief has reviewed 2 textbooks published by PasTest for students studying for their medical finals.

Book 1 - OSCE Stations for Medical Finals

Book 2 - Data Interpretations for Medical Finals

The review can be found at the link below! :)


24th July- NEW ONLINE Article

Two articles (co-authored by the SUMJ editor) published in the journal Geriatric Medicine and JIAG has been made available. These can be downloaded below:-

Diagnostic work up and treatment of dementia


 Lloyd Hughes (4th year MBChB), Mya Mthembu (Senior Charge Nurse) & Laura Adams (Care Home Manager)

Delirium in Older Patients: Important Determinant of Hospital Outcome

 Lloyd Hughes (4th year MBChB), Dr Miles Witham (Consultant Geriatrician) & Prof Alasdair MacLullich (Professor of Geriatric Medicine)



18th July- NEW ONLINE Article

A new electronically published article has been published :)

Grewal R & Irwin J (2012) Innovative ways hearing aids can be improved for clinical use : A Literature Review. Scottish Universities Medical Journal (Dundee). EPub 007.


8th July- NEW ONLINE Articles

Two new electronically published articles has been published :)

ES O'Connor (2012) Is the personal banking of umbilical stem cells justified? Scottish Universities Medical Journal (Dundee). EPub 006.

KE Stewart (2012) An Audit of Management of Acute Uncomplicated Lower UTI at a Health Centre in Central Scotland. Scottish Universities Medical Journal (Dundee). EPub 005.


26th June- NEW ONLINE Article

A new electronically published article has been published :)

Jabir MF & Begg A (2012) Coronary Heart Disease Prevention For Diabetic Patients In Primary Care - An Audit of Clinical Practice. Scottish Universities Medical Journal (Dundee). EPub 004. 


12th June - Medical electives overseas. Work the World advertorial.

Planning your elective? Thinking about an overseas placement?

Work the World offer advice and support when planning your medical elective. To find out more or to read their top 10 tips for organising medical electives overseas, click the link below! Happy planning! :)


10th June - Medical Finals PasTest Book Review

The SUMJ Dundee Editor in Chief has reviewed 2 textbooks published by PasTest for students studying for their medical finals. The text books cover OSCE stations and data interpretation. Their reviews can be found at the link below! :)



A new electronically published article has been published :)

Chambers S (2012). Public Health and Dental Caries in Young Children in Deprived Communities in Scotland. Scottish Universities Medical Journal (Dundee). EPub 003



A new electronically published article has been published :)

Puvaneswaralingam S (2012). Yellow Oleander Poisoning and Suicide in Sri Lanka. Scottish Universities Medical Journal (Dundee). EPub 002

25th May - SUMJ Volume 1 Issue 2 AUTHOR UPDATE

All authors who submitted articles to the SUMJ should have now been informed wether their article:

1- Was accepted pending minor revision

2- Had major revisions requested

3- Was rejected on this occassion.


18 April- SUMJ Print & Online and SUMJ Online

The SUMJ (Dundee) will now have two forms of accepted publications due to increased interest and challenges in ensuring that we can accommodate articles with only two official publications each year. Please note that all accepted articles will be indexed in CINAHL. The two forms of acceptance to the SUMJ will be: 

1] SUMJ Print & Online - articles will be printed in the next published SUMJ journal (either Feb or Aug)

2] SUMJ Online- articles will be published online only

Authors will be informed of the decision as soon as the committee make a decision.


17 April- SUMJ Vol 1 Issue 2

The Dundee SUMJ website has now added a page where volume 1 issue 2 will be published in August 2012.


11 April- SUMJ Reveiw Process

The Dundee SUMJ article review process has begun for the currently submitted articles. The committee assessed all current articles and have made decisions regarding which articles to reveiw and which articles unfortunately did not merit clinical priority.

Authors are encouraged to submit further articles with the deadline being 30th April.


10 April- SUMJ Annual Meeting Committee Results

The AGM for the Dundee SUMJ was this afternoon and the results of the voting for committee positions can be found on the website under the Team Members section.


26 March- SUMJ Annual Meeting

I am emailing everyone to let you know about the Scottish Universities Medical Journal annual general meeting on the 9th April at 6pm at Laing’s. We are currently recruiting new members to our committee and would really be interested in hearing from you. Information regarding the committee positions available can be obtained from the Editor.


20 March- Shortage of nurses ‘means NHS is failing older patients’

There are not enough nurses on hospital wards to ensure elderly people get helped to eat, walk again and have someone to talk to, the union representing 400,000 nurses has claimed. Older patients are being let down by the NHS because lack of staff means nurses often do not have the time to look after them properly, warned the profession’s leader, who is calling for guaranteed minimum numbers on wards.


19 March - Are sport stars at more risk of cardiac events?

there are about 500 deaths a year in the UK from cardiac arrest among the under-30s.The BBCs health correspondant reviews this interesting and topical area of sports medicine on the following link:


14 March - Medical Student Job Opportunity

NHS Bank Healthcare Assistants being recruited in NHS Tayside. An excellent job oppotunity for medical and nursing students. Closing date for applications 23rd March. Further details on how to apply can be found on:


13 March - Planned repeat C-sections 'safer'

Women opting for a C-section after a previous Caesarean delivery are less likely to suffer severe complications, two studies suggest.

Australian researchers found the risk of stillbirth was lower in women who had a planned repeat C-section rather than trying for a natural labour

Reference: Planned Vaginal Birth or Elective Repeat Caesarean: Patient Preference Restricted Cohort with Nested Randomised Trial. Caroline A. Crowther, Jodie M. Dodd, Janet E. Hiller, Ross R. Haslam, Jeffrey S. Robinson, on behalf of the Birth After Caesarean Study Group on behalf of the Birth After Caesarean Study Group


12 March - Call for Articles

On behalf of the Dundee editorial committee, I would like kindly request article submissions for the next volume of the Dundee SUMJ. Please send your submission before the exam preparation kicks-in! This is a great opportunity to obtain a publication in a peer-reviewed CINAHL referenced journal for the CV.

We welcome submissions from all medical students at Dundee, with the deadline for submissions currently the 30th of April. The SUMJ guidelines for submission and hoe to submit can be found on our website.

I look forward to receiving many submissions from Dundee students in due course.